Some history

A computer was added in my workshop around 1992 as a new design tool for screen printing and poster design.
After my classic animation course it became the tool of choice for creating moving images.
In 1996 I got serious about computergraphics and worked at Grid, back then a pioneering animation studio in Gent.
From then on I worked for animation studio’s like Grid-vfx, Creacon, Sabouge, Hoaxland, Cotoon, the fridge, Walking-the-dog, Kadenza-media and many more.
Software of choice is houdiniFX for everything 3D and Blackmagic Fusion for compositing and motion graphics.
As a generalist with a strong knowledge of Lightwave, Maya, C4D, Sofimage and many scripting languages I often collaborate in existing project pipelines.
My website is regularly updated with new projects, artwork and technical doodles, so please check often.